Youtube Announces Good News For Gamers

Google is launching a brand new website and app for gamers, YouTubegaming

one mad geek

YoutubeGaming, a brand new app
and website that keeps you connected to the games, players, and big gaming community, with their videos, live streams at one place

This summer 2015, YouTubegaming will initially launch in U.S. & U.K.

YouTube Official Blog Said this hilarious line ,

“And when you want something specific, you can search
with confidence, knowing that typing ‘call’ will show you
‘Call of Duty’ and not ‘Call Me Maybe.'”

search and follow YouTube creators and community who post
specifically about games to find reviews,comments and unbox videos.

More than 30,000 games each will have their own pages on YouTube.YouTubegaming is particularly for gamers in that you can find all games and intresting live streams on single place.

follow its dedicated Twitter account,
@YouTubeGaming .

Yeah it is really amazing one,you can subscribe to your addicted games,community that gives events and news information.

 You have to give your email Id here for get notified when it launches for your country

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