How to copy contents from protected sites

How to copy contents from protected sites, How to copy contents from right-click disabled sites, copy using proxy, copy the text

Hello geeks!

Today I have got something to share that is very common to all of us. Particularly, The bloggers. Yeah, All I am talking is about copy pasting. Copy-pasting is very common. Only very few people give the credit link or mention about the source (like me). Especially blogging is evolving around plagiarism. 

How to copy contents from protected sites

Let us consider that you are creating your own blog post. What you will do is that you will take information from various pages on Internet and give also proper credentials with link in the post (if at all). The major problem which you would face is that many of these sites have right click disabled and its tedious to copy from them. So, here I am to help you to sort this out with some of the possible ways to copy content from those pages. By the way, many websites disable CTRL+C options because they need to ensure better security from hackers and malicious sites.

Ways to copy text from Right click Disabled pages:

Most of the bloggers use JavaScript technique to disable right-click, to prevent other sites from stealing their content.

We often come to websites where we find contents useful (like how-to, Guides) and we copy it into word file or notepad. Generally what we do is select some text and then right click on it to copy. But on Protected sites, a message box appears saying “Right-Click on this site is disabled. Hold Ctrl key and click on link to open in new tab”

But there are numerous ways through which one can copy contents from Right Click disabled or the protected sites:

1. By disabling browser JavaScript in browser

2. By Using Proxy Sites
3. By Using the source code of the site

Disabling JavaScript in Browsers [Google Chrome]

In Chrome browser, you can quickly disable JavaScript by going to settings.

1. Go to Settings --> under privacy --> Content settings.

2. Select "do not allow any site to run java script".

If you are using Firefox, you can remove the tick from “Enable JavaScript” option.

How to copy contents from protected sites

Using Proxy Sites

There are many proxy sites, which let you disable Java Script while browsing (just search in google the proxy sites) .

How to copy contents from protected sites

Using the source code of the site

All the major browsers give an option to source of the page, which you can access directly by a right click. Since, right click is not possible here, we will simply open chrome browser and type: view-source: before the website's URL Like
And there you can find the paragraph or text you want to copy and paste it into any text editor. 

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