Hi Friends!

Happy Morning!!! This happened yesterday to my smartphone and I was left helpless. My android phone was brought just before 5 months and if something unusual has happened to it, how can I tolerate? Am I confusing?

How to fix "Unfortunately android.process.media has stopped" error?

Ha ha... Okay let me come to the point. This is what happened.. I was trying to move some 300-350 photos in one folder to another folder in my memory card. After moving, something strange has happened. I got a continuous pop-up on my home screen saying "Unfortunately android.process.media has stopped". I swear I didn't even understand a bit of the line. 

I googled the issue last night and have found out the working solution. You can believe this because I have solved my issue. Its very simple and has only very few steps. In certain sites it was written that we need to backup all the files and then do factory reset. But follow these simple steps first.


STEP 1 : Stop the Google Sync 
Settings --> Accounts --> Google --> remove all the Ticks

How to fix "Unfortunately android.process.media has stopped" error?

STEP 2 : Next you must 'Clear data' for Google services framework, google play store, media storage, download manager.

STEP 2.1: Go to settings, in Manage Applications, open Google Services Framework. Hit Clear data.

STEP 2.2: Similarly, open Google Play Store. Hit clear data. 
(this will clear all play store data, including your Google sign in. You will have to login with your Google / G mail account again the next time you open Play Store.)

STEP 2.3 : Then, Disable & Clear data for Media Storage. 

How to fix "Unfortunately android.process.media has stopped" error?

STEP 2.4 : Disable & Clear Download Manager 
settings --> Apps --> All Apps --> find the Download Manager --> Clear data --> Disable ] 
(this is because android.process.media is related to camera, gallery and other multimedia components, and SD card errors may cause this force close error.)

How to fix "Unfortunately android.process.media has stopped" error?

STEP 3 : Shutdown Your Device for 2-3 Min then Turn it on. Now the Message Will Not pop up 

STEP 4: After your issue has been solved, do - 
               1- Enable Google Sync. 
               2- Enable Media Storage.
               3- Enable Download Manager.

If the pop-up doesn't quit then all you need to do is to try a different SD card. Many SD cards specially those of class 6, 8 and 10, have been reported to not work reliably with Android devices. Class 4 seems to be the safest option (I am planing to buy San Disk Class 4 :P).

These steps would most probably fix the error. Let me know if you haven't solved the problem.

Thanks for reading. Keep sharing.