Udemy courses FREE for lifetime!

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Hello Geeks!

Here am finally after a gap of exams. And I have come with some useful ways to spend the holidays. Here by, I am introducing you the online courses at Udemy. The courses are absolutely offered for free. Once you take up these courses, the course videos will be available free for lifetime. 

All of us will be waiting to learn courses for free. And if they are free for lifetime?? Yeah, Its true. You need not pay even a rupee. All the below mentioned courses are free of cost and you can learn them anywhere at anytime.

Udemy courses FREE for lifetime!


1. Just go through the below courses.
2. Click on the link provided against the course if you want them.
3. Click on "Take this course".


1.The Complete HTML & CSS Course – From Novice To Professional

2.Google Chrome Developer Tools

3.IoT – Turn a light on with your iPhone

4.Learn JavaScript code create projects from scratch

5.HTML - Start your Web Development journey

6.Crash course Arduino: Get up and running in 1 hour 


1.DesktopServer : Install WordPress Locally – Work Anywhere!

2.The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to WordPress Security

3.Beginner-Advanced SEO Course for Startup, Business, Bloggers Worth $300

4.Start Your Own Forum Website in 15 Minutes

#Web Design

1.Create Websites with Google’s Material Design (MDL Lite)

2.Get started Creating Websites Everything you need provided

3.Interaction Design IxD tutorial Web Design Patterns

Udemy courses FREE for lifetime!

#Stock Trading

1.Investing Success: Learn Keys From A Millionaire Investor!

#Online Marketing

1.Link Building: How To Build Back Links To Dominate Google $199

2.Google AdWords Business Training Worth $79

3.Podcasting NLP Power Communication & Influence Strategies

4.Webinar PowerHouse-How to sell More with Webinars

5.How To Use GMAIL To Maximize Your Productivity

6.Email Marketing: Build A Huge List Of Engaged Subscribers!


1.Photoshop Mastery: Zero to Hero in Photoshop

2.Complete Adobe Lightroom Course: Start Photo Editing Today!

3.Complete Adobe After Effects Course: Make Better Videos Now! $199

4.After Effects: Advanced Shape Layer, Hipster Motion Graphics $47

5.After Effects: Create an Intro Video / Bumper for your Brand $47

6.Dive into After Effects: Flat Animation Buildup $47

7.After Effects Basics – 2D Flat Shadows in After Effects

8.How to Make Video Titles and Graphics in Adobe After Effects $47

9.How to Design an Book Cover that Sells More $47

10. Animation for Beginners 3. OUTSOURCE Animation for $20- $50!


1.Business plan today! Business planning made simple

2.Fundraising: $100,000 in 10 ways. How to raise money now

3.Software project management for start-ups 

4.How To Start A Business: Business Ideas To Success

5.Learn How To Think Like A Visionary, Innovator, Entrepreneur

6.Become A Top 1% LinkedIn Seller in 90 Days

7.Marketing Death Trap – Learn How To Save Your Business Now!

#FreeLancling/Earn Online

1.The Secrets of Freelancing: Tips and Inside Strategies $132

2.Discover How I Made $38,248 On Fiverr – 25 Gig Ideas To Sell

3.Online poker: step by step how I make 10 000+ usd per month!

4.Poker Strategy: How I Make $5,000+ Per Month Playing Poker

#Life Hacks/Skills

1.Get Job Interviews using Social Media (Self-Branding Studio)

2.Sleep Hacking To Improve Your Health, Energy & Mind $19

3.How to lose weight

4.Make Money Online Trading The Sport Exchange Market: Betfair

5.Accelerate Your Learning & Acquire Any New Skill… Fast! $199

6.Basics of Statistics – A Comprehensive Study (College Level)

7.Chess For Everyone!

8.Enriched Learning – The Brain-Friendly Route to Success

9.Get Sleep Now – Fall Asleep Quickly and Wake Up Energized

10.Immigrate to the U.S. as an MBA Student

11.Create your Life Plan and personal Goals tracker

12.Don’t Break the Bank Having a Baby My Course Saves Money

13.The Men’s Break Up Recovery Course

14.Traveler Money Matters: Budgeting, Paying, Protecting & More

15.INNER CONFIDENCE: Why It’s OK Not To Be Liked By Everyone

16.Power Podcasters: Putting Your Best Voice Forward


1.Learn Drum Sequencing Techniques That Will Get U Placements

2.Legally Protect Your Music and Receive Credit For Your Work

3.Circle of 5ths L3 - Compose your first Song & Improvise

4.Read Music Notes Fast L3 – Speed Read 11 Treble Clef Notes


1.Visualize Current,Voltage,Resistance and The Ohm’s Law


1.Philosophy of religion: spirituality despite politics

Have you chosen your course? Then, What-else? Go to The link provided and click on "Take this course".

You can access this course videos free for lifetime. That's it. Keep sharing with your friends! 

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