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How to add HTTPS/SSL to Github pages - custom domain - Free

set up ssl on github pages with custom domain names at no cost

i came across this submit setting up ssl on github pages and desired to attempt it out, however on the grounds that my website set-up is a piece unique than keanu’s i had to undergo a slightly one-of-a-kind path. one reason being that this website is hosted on the apex (root) area i.e. with out www. this guide is centered closer to an octopress blog with a custom domain hosted via github pages, however this should paintings for jekyll static sites as properly.

getting started

(almost the same as keanu’s factors)

sign up for cloudflare if you don’t already have an account
upload your website, and make sure all mechanically generated data in shape the ones in your registrar’s internet site

after a couple of hours, you’ll be capable of open yoursite.com with https. but now comes the vital element, letting search engines realize and making your customers use the ssl model.

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