The Importance of SSL Certificates

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer refers to a specific type of security that is used for websites that  process sensitive information, including credit card numbers

What is SSL?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer refers to a specific type of security that is used for websites that

process sensitive information, including credit card numbers, names, phone numbers, etc. This

protocol creates a secure connection between the web browser used by the customer of the site

and the server of the company they are interacting with. SSL is incredibly important for all

websites that sell any goods or services because it keeps customer information private and


Encrypting Information

An SSL certificate’s primary function is to encrypt sensitive information so that only certain

parties are able to read or interpret it. A lot of internet forums use these certificates to ensure that

all users’ information stays secure and out of the wrong hands. The more passes the information

makes through different computers, the more secure it is. These certificates put random

characters into the information they are trying to protect so that anyone who comes upon it

through nefarious means cannot even understand it. This means that even if a hacker gains access

to the information, they will not be able to interpret at all.

Giving Your Customers Peace of Mind

When you use SSL certificates with your website, you will provide your customers with peace of

. Everyone who visits your website will be able to see that you have an encryption protocol

in place because instead of the traditional “http” in your website’s URL, they will see “https.”

There is a huge difference between these two protocols, and “https” has become synonymous

with security and protection of sensitive information. Any reputable online merchant will have

these encryption protocols in place to protect their customers from malicious cyber attacks that

could potentially compromise the information they have submitted.


It is very important that all of the information on your website, especially customer information,

is sent to the right server without any third parties gaining access to it illegally. A server

certificate is also issues when you obtain an SSL certificate, which shows that the provider of the

certificate is trustworthy and reputable. Your customers will be able to read these documents to

confirm that the SSL certificate that your website is using is current and valid.

Accepting Payments

You will find that an SSL certificate plays a crucial role in accepting payments from customers.

Online businesses that want to in compliance with all Payment Card Industry rules and

regulations must obtain this type of certificate. There must be adequate encryption with the

certificate, which means at least 128-bit. These standards confirm that the SSL certificate comes

from a trusted and reliable source because it uses the appropriate level of encryption to protect

information that goes through the website. If you do have this type of certificate, you simply will

not be able to accept credit card payments. Anyone who is interested in running an online store

will need to have this security protocol in place before they can begin accepting any sort of

electronic payments for goods and/or services.

Protection Against Phishing

Another important reason to obtain an SSL certificate is that doing so will protect your website

and customers against phishing
emails that contain malicious links to duplicate websites that are

designed to acquire their information illegally. These links are commonly disguised as

advertisements, and they are designed to get the credit card information of a website’s customers.

Most people who build and launch these phishing sites cannot get an SSL certificate, so

customers are not likely to stay on them because of the absence of “https” in the URL.

Gaining the Trust of your Customers

By going through the proper channels and obtaining an SSL certificate for your website, you will

be able to gain and retain the trust of your customers. These days most people who go on a

website to purchase something look for the “https” in the URL to see if the website is secure or

not. Online stores that do not have one of these certificates will have a very difficult time gaining

the trust of the people who visit their website. If you want your customers to trust you and your

site, you will need one of these certificates.