WhatsApp - the only messaging app which has more than 900 million monthly active users as of September 2015. This is a hike from over 700 million in January 2015.

Leaked screenshot of whatsapp

The App has many competitors such as LINE, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc. 

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These competitors have already introduced  the video and voice calling features along with messaging but WhatsApp remains to be the user preferred app.

The success of this app was with the user attractive features that has been included in sequences.

We have already seen about the "Mark as unread" feature

Though we already discussed a lot about this trending messenger, today the news is about the upcoming feature of WhatsApp.

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Recently, a set of screenshots have been leaked from Macerkopf.de , which confirms that the WhatsApp is said to work with its video calling feature.

Leaked screenshot of whatsapp
Image Credits: Macerkopf.de

The leaked screenshots are guessed to be that from the IOS but then since WhatsApp is also expected to lengthen its hands to the sets of Android as well.

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Though the official news and the images are not available clearly regarding this feature, it is expected that the newest build of WhatsApp with (v2.12.16.2) will include this major change in it.

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The app with the 900 million users, is definitely in a thirst to capture the whole of the market with the new live features.

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