How To Put Ad Code On Blogger Post

How To Put Ad Code On Blogger Post
How to Put ad code in Blogger Post -  when trying to place ad code(adsense,chitika,etc.,) on blogger post body that is header,content,footer section face difficulties. when you  use normal code in the post body,ads will not appear
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It is because of blogger post doesnot identify the placing of ad code.Now you want to convert your ad code(adsense code) with the help of adsense code convertor, then you put raw code on the blogger post directly to display ads
  1. Go to Expand Widget Templates Template -> Edit HTML
  2. Press ctrl+F to open search box then search for post-body entry-content or identity or class name that you given for the edited template
  3. put your converted ad code under it. you can put the converted code in header,footer or content
  4. Save template thats it

If you facing any issues with these post ask here in comments, Thank you :)

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  1. Rahul
    Thank you for this detailed article. It has been really helpful for my web designing courses in Chennai.
  1. To insert a code use <i rel="pre">code_here</i>
  2. To insert a quote use <b rel="quote">your_qoute</b>
  3. To insert a picture use <i rel="image">url_image_here</i>