How to enable emergency contacts on phone's lock screen?

Smartphone swallows us. Of course ya! it eats all our time. Without our smart devices, we are nothing. We always make sure that we have installed all the trending apps, games, etc. Do we really care about us? Particularly in case of emergency (ICE)? If so, go on and list the apps that you posses on your device for your safety. Much few right? And so I am introducing the simple emergency contact app here!

How to enable emergency contacts on phone's lock screen?

When I gone through the recently launched android applications to get one tried, this app struck me. Yup it is an emergency contacts app that every smartphone holders must have for their safety.

What is Take Care?

Take Care is a free ICE (in case of emergency) application that is available for android devices. With Take care, its more simpler for people around you to inform your emergency contact in case of emergency. 

You can select your emergency contacts , i.e., people whom you feel to be contacted in case of emergency. The app also enables the display of your Emergency contacts on your android lock screen. It is not assured that your emergency contact is always available and so the emergency contacts list extends up to 4 contacts according to your own priority to be contacted in case of emergency. It is now easier to send SOS to them.

Why Take care?

Assume that on one final day, you have ever met with an accident or even you had an extra sip that mad you flat on the road. What would happen for the next few minutes? The good hearts may try to arrange an ambulance and the better hearts take snapshots. The thing we need to be clear is this - "you are totally helpless".

How to enable emergency contacts on phone's lock screen?

Even someone figure out to call an ambulance, it is not assured that they could trace your families and friends. Your wallet may contain only your id, probably details about you as your phone number. Your mobile phone would probably be locked.

If your family members or friends are around you in such a scenario, then it would be even more helpful as they knew your details and above all you could feel safe.

The developer site - has stated the following about their app -

I could very well relate the importance of the above said statements with my experience. When i was heading to my native town in bike, I saw a terrible accident where a by passer has been crashed by a lorry. When I went closer, people around had already informed the ambulance service. He was severely hit and he carried some belongings with him. When we checked his purse, all that he owned were merely an ID card, debit card and so and so. Eventually, we saw his phone and turned it ON. It was locked, - a Pattern lock and we can't do anything with that.

The idea of Take Care has its root from that incident. I know that this isn't something very large to be appreciated but its just a small try from our side which could help lot of people in case of emergency.

STEPS TO USE TAKE CARE - Emergency contact list app :

1. Get it from play store. Installation takes only few minutes as it is just 2 MB.

2. Select the emergency contacts and set them according to your priority.

How to enable emergency contacts on phone's lock screen?

3. After setting it right, you have to toggle "Add Contacts On Lock Screen" button ON. 

How to enable emergency contacts on phone's lock screen?

4. You are done. From now on, the emergency contact list  appears on your device's lock screen. 

5. No matter whichever the screen lock is, Take Care works well with all.

A small rectangular field is allotted to display single contact (emergency contact 1). The forward arrow at the right corner of the box shows the next contact (emergency contact 2 and so on). The close symbol to the left of the box will hide the emergency contact list from the lock screen. The next time you turn your screen ON, the box appears again. You can also move the box to any desired location on your device's screen.

How to enable emergency contacts on phone's lock screen?

You can select your emergency contact list based on your location. For instance, if you are in Chennai, you should select the Emergency contacts list with Chennai people. This application is best one when you want your trusted persons to get SOS on you in case of emergency. With SOS, we didn't mean that you would get a message, it is more of a call that is made by people around you.

Key features of Take Care:

- Installs quickly — the app is just 2 MB.

- Works on all Android phones.

- Uses no data.

- User friendly appearance.

- Simple to work.

The simplicity of Take Care lies in its user friendly look and also in its light weight. It is very easy to select the phone numbers, as the numbers keep scrolling below as you type the name of a contact. Selecting 4 phone numbers (SOS alternatives) is mandatory as this may help in certain cases where your emergency contact is busy or unreachable. This version of Take Care is efficient as it doesn't depend on network.

With this application, it is easier for unknowns to recognize you and keep your emergency contacts notified as an SOS. Thank you for your passion in Take Care application. We will make it available soon for iphone and windows users. We will add emergency contacts with medical information on our next update.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or problems while downloading or installing the app, please tell us at: We would be happy to hear your reviews.

#takeCARE is FREE and it always will be.

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