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            On being a blogger, some may feel that it is very hard to keep writing articles every week. The difficult part is coming up with new and original topics that could raise your views. In this post, I am going to share few of my experiences that will help you to be a successful blogger.

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Read and subscribe blogs and sites related to your blog. You must be capable of spinning stories that could be easily understood and also keeps the reader engaged. Insert your own images and links wherever necessary.

 Don’t confuse:

Be simple in using the language. Make sure your words are not in a contradicting manner. Be clear and concise. Don’t lengthen your article too much. They might get bored.

Latest headlines:

If you want to become successful as a blogger, you must be keen in learning new trends and ideas related to your domain. Your posts must in such a way that they must attract your potential customers. You could also share your own experiences, stories, incidents, efforts, etc. Also read google news, twitter discover, to keep track of the latest headlines.


You can also conduct polls that is related to rate your performance and growth of your blog to your readers. You can make use of online service like SurveyMonkey (search on google) for this purpose.

Keep in touch:

You must be in touch with your readers so that they feel comfortable. Have an eye on your comments and keep responding to the readers’ queries. This may help you in improving your upcoming contents in the way they wish.

Check yourself:

Have an habit of  reading your own post after publishing it. Correct your mistakes then and there. Also update your posts with new information as necessary.

Tags: tips to blogging, successful blog, blogger tips, useful tips for blog, blog post, six tips for blogging, 

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