5 of the Coolest VR Gadgets in 2017 :

Have you ever felt that it is all about headsets? When people go crazy on reading about some gadget, it also means that they are more probably willing to try one.

Virtual Reality is within our reach today - The GearVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have proved it and they have made a really solid case for virtual reality as an industry. Let me walk you through the most amazing VR gadgets which are smashing each other in the market.

1. Omnidirectional VR Treadmills : Price: $500+

The Omnidirectional VR Treadmills began circulating on Kickstarter back in 2013. The first producer to receive global recognition for using movement-based technology was US-based Virtuix Omni.

“Hands down the most immersive gaming experience we’ve seen so far.” – Business Insider

Funny!! Its fun to build up some muscle tone in our body while heroically charging towards a fire-breathing dragon in Skyrim, or frantically escaping brain-hungering ghouls in horror-based experiences such as Resident Evil 7.

2. Virtual Reality Suits – Real Life Feedback Price: $549+

Till now, VR contents relied on what you can see, and what you can hear. The concept of being able to actually feel, amazing!! as it’s time to take a look at the suits. More specifically, the suits have been built specifically to give the wearer feedback from the game.

These vests seem simple enough, and definitely appear to serve their basic function, some manufacturers have aimed a bit higher in terms of technical aspirations.  You could check their launch video to get a better sight!
Am I boring you? Just take a break and Angel or Devil Slots using the coolest VR headset.

3. Haptical VR Gloves Price: $300+

One of the most limiting aspects of virtual reality is the quality and general feel of the controllers. VR gadgets should be practical.

By letting you interact with your environment and digital experience with your fingers, it’s something unimaginable and thrill-centered!

4. Roto VR – Mechanized Virtual Reality Chair Price: $699+

Has anyone ever wanted to learn how to drive through virtual technology ? Roto VR is a mechanized chair built for use with VR-based devices. It comes out-of-the-box with impressive 360° technology, allowing you to navigate omnidirectionally in whatever game you choose.

Roto has one power slot in the back of the chair, so there is no need to worry on unplugging the whole thing when immersed in an experience or being in-game.

Yeah!! You need to spend few bucks experience these!!

5. Leap Motion VR Price: $80+

Leap Motion makes it possible for you to use your hands to navigate in virtual reality without the use of either a glove or controllers of any kind. One of the most interesting things about Leap Motion is that more than 200,000 developers currently involved Leap Motion. Cheap in price when compared to other competitors is what spearheading the success of Leap Motion.

These VR gadgets improves the utilization of virtual reality. In the fore-coming days, we can expect varied new brands of VR who might deliver add-on's and also VR might turn into a tough industry.