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WhatsApp??? ---- One of the most popular app that has more than half billion users today. It is a messenger where we can share images, videos, audios, contacts, etc. Have you received .gif images via WhatsApp? Do you like them? Have you ever thought to send the GIF images in WhatsApp?

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How to send .GIF images in WhatsApp?

Do you want to create your own .gif image and send it via WhatsApp? And thus I am here you to help in sorting this out. In simple words, an animated GIF file is a graphic image that moves - for example, a moving icon or a banner with a hand movements or letters that get larger and shorter. 

When I was googling the steps, I didn't find the clear cut ways. All I found was this answer -- "You can't do this and it is possible only with BlackBerry Messenger". And after a long search, testing,... I have found out the simple way for this issue.

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Just follow the following simple steps:

  1.  Download any GIF animation on your mobile or create your own gif animation, and make sure that it saves with the *.gif extension.
  2.  Go to your fileManager and select the .gif file and rename the extension to .mp3 for eg. onemadgeek.gif to onemadgeek.mp3..
  3. After Renaming your gif animation. now you choose share option and choose whatsapp from popup.
  4. Now share it to the your friends or impress your gf with this gif ;)
That’s it, Your moving gif pictures can be now sent through Whatsapp.

check the tutorial video for your doubts. and do comment if you have found any problem in it

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